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Friday, November 17, 2006

Turkey – approx. a 10 pounder – no more
Chestnuts perhaps to be used for stuffing with raisins and plain bread crumbs – a specialty that I learned from the Angelou’s
Also stove top topping –don’t stuff the turkey.
Chopped meat – 2 lb for meatballs as an appetizer – used for appetizer (mamma style, wash the onions a-plenty)
Rice – that might be used in stuffed tomatoes, peppers and perhaps squash
Perhaps squash
Parsley, which I have
Onions, which I have
White potatoes to be baked with lemon, shun the turkey, but consider adding to the stuffed tomatoes, and even in the veggie side dishes, etc.
Sweet potatoes to be candied my way w/cinnamon and allspice and butter (maybe adding some walnuts.
Some canned cranberry sauce (don’t forget it this time, MoMo likes it)
Peas, or lima beans, or perhaps kidney beans for the Greek side of the family.
Perhaps attempt some soup with noodles
Consider getting celery to make as side dish Aunt Karolina style.
Olive oil (virgin)
Reynolds wrap
Pans to just throw away at the end of this
Some fruit
1 pumpkin, apple or custard pie, as people might bring desert.
Some wine and/or beer for those who like to indulge.
Vitamin water
Good plastic plates (decorative)
Very little regular bread or pita
Think of what’s missing
FAMILY & FRIENDS! and some gravy perhaps

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"My Red Cello And Me"

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