Saturday, December 16, 2006

Where are the tears?
It's now the longer part of months - they're two to be exact
I thought the rivers would turn on by now
but they have yet to come
It was October eighth when last I peered
Into those awesome eyes that clouded everything in sight when they awoke
Yet on that mortal day, clouded they were - not able to look back
I searched in vain, and when I didn't feel their warm embrace,
I wept holding her tight while she lay motionless in bed
But then I felt the knowing back into her eyes
Those eyes that I looked into when stories they would tell
more colorful than any words could draw
Abruptly I stopped my weeping my sadness to withhold of the approaching doom
And never could I beckon tears again,
Never to come, stay out -
Those lovely eyes
Don't want to know I'm sad.


Rebekit said...

Nona is missed. Well written mom!

pandave said...

this is so beautiful. and a question well asked. i love the photograph.

i'm thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

We do miss them more on holidays...

Voliotisa said...

Dodos,thank you for commenting. My mom was a special person in everyway and a product of her time. That time when people were purely good and honest and always strived to do the right thing. I try to live by those measures with the important things, for her approval. I hear her voice telling me yes or no.