Monday, January 22, 2007

these are some of my needlepoints. The one directly above was given to me by my sister when she traveled to Greece many years ago and I had finished many years ago and framed. The one directly below I bought when my daughter was attending dancing school but finished and framed for her as a gift when she moved into her first apartment. The one on the left I bought and is not yet finished and not framed yet. There is a story behind this too. My daughter moved back w/me to save some money and the ballerina started hanging out in my house. I now find I can't part w/her therefore I am working on a replacement for my daughter which is the needlepoint in question on the left. A


Anonymous said...

your needlepoint work is amazing. i could never but my sister used to do a lot of it. i am going to have to send her your way one day.

Voliotisa said...

thank you !

cidin said...

my name is alcides junior
i'm brazilian
i found very nice and very cool your work
god bless you

alcides junior

Voliotisa said...

cidin, thank you so much for visiting and for your comment. I visited your blog and it is marvelous. I left you a comment. I am in awe of all artists and you are a very good one, that's why it means a great deal that you noticed my work.