Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I have been away for awhile but have actually been busy creating my art. I have been thinking of the blog lately, must admit that I've missed being here. I'm posting some of myacrylic paintings and one imposter, guess which one. I started working with acrylics when I purchased a new computer and didn't have all my graphic programs installed and found I love the medium. Yes, I admit I am an acrylic lover!! Below are some of my stories in art, 1) the sunflowers for my friend's special birthday 2) my mixed admiration, love and coming to terms with the horse 3) The most freedom one can experience riding on a horse and the history telling of its contribution to mankind and every country really but this one depicting a rider in the USA, and last but not least the universal love of a mother and child. Which one is rendered in Painter? Stay tuned I have just begun!

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