Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day of the Heart

One day each year we all await to bring the love
To us we so richly deserve
We look for proof that we belong
To those we hold so dearly above all.

They may be new and full with life
They may be old friends we spent our times
They may be hopes that they’re to come
And they may be flickers of our imagination
Of what should be for us
Flickers that started long since our time began on earth.

There should be love enough to go around for that one day
One day is all it is
One time when people need be reassured
The light of someone’ else’s yearning rests in the face the mirror holds
And beckons love to start and end each day
From that point on.

So for one day we hope and pray and search
To have a token of some other beings love
Perhaps a rich bouquet, a sparkle or a sweet.

We wait and wait and hope to have
That special someone think we’re special too
That’s truly the beauty of it all
There’s always hope that walking down the block
You suddenly turn and find your own true love
This day of hearts this time and –
If not year, fear not
The Day of the Heart comes by each year around this time.

By Anna Angelou
Dedicated to love and those who know the meaning of!

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