Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Little Frida

How can I describe my little Frida?
Inquisitive, Temperamental,
Perhaps the best way is Independent
Always alert and oriented - and
That’s to say the least
Personality plus
Of distinct and discrete caliber
One in a million?
A million to one?
I struggle to find fitness in my description
The following is but a weak try:

She flew into my heart the day Diego left her
I’m sure by just bad luck and not intent
She’s occupied a big place in my heart thereafter
My love destined to grow as big as her persona.

That persona is marked by her eclectic style
I’m sure to match her namesake “Frida Kahlo” -
Never familiar, anything but the usual stuff
She’s not a Bird but rather a Grand Lady
Endowed with the intrigue, beauty and unpredictability
Only a Lady can possess and get away with

My Frida’s spirit has grown and I suspect will keep on growing
Forever she is Diego’s, but Casper, her new mate, he sees her worth
And keeps on trying to possess her
Because he too can see A Lady such as Frida
Is hard to fly by in a Lifetime, be it for Birds
Or Humans alike to behold and cherish
We all strive to please and impress her with delight.

By Anna Angelou
Written w/love For Frida my pet forever!
On 12:25 a.m. February 13/14 2007, Frida gently lay down her wings
& passed away
Although I feel she knew I stood there with her till the end
She slipped into a place we cannot see
But her legacy forever remains here with us
She was a twig but left a shadow
A giant would relish to possess

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pandave said...

i am so sorry about the loss of frida. you did fight valiantly for her. that is a very touching tribute