Saturday, February 24, 2007


Elephant (My Story)

You can find me in the circus, I protest!
You can find me in the desert and the jungles
That’s the best!
In Africa and India I Rule!

Once the fools displayed me at the zoo
Alas, they saw the light -
They placed me in a conservation park…
At least there I roam around in simulated manmade freedom.

It’s safe to say they finally saw my beauty
They’re not trying to hunt me
For my lovely ivory tusks
They’re luminous and spiffy I’ll agree,
But they’re attached to ME!

Things are getting better all around - I hope and pray.
Look for me, I’m a survivor and still standing proud and free!
But if you fail to find me in all of the above
Look for me in still and moving pictures
Of those who had the courage to find me in my turf
Just take my picture, but
Leave me here happy to be alive and FREE!

By Anna (voliotisa's arts.©

1 comment:

pandave said...

i like your template. it sets off your work very well.

lovely survivor!